Polk Audio TSi-300 Speakers – Outstanding Performance

The Polk Audio TSi series is placed between the Monitor series and the RTi series.

The TSi300 is the most sleek and stylish tower speaker in the TSi series. Its budget friendly price and small footprint means they are often used as the front channels in a home theater system or as the main speakers in a music system without needing to find room on a shelf or buy supplemental stands.


The vinyl finish looks nice and the curved corners and sleek lines of the TSi series are quite sexy, and I would say they’re the best looking series in Polk’s line-up.

I prefer the cherry finish with Polk’s speakers, because they are a better match for my livingroom. The MDF cabinet fights resonance so the details in your music and movies stay transparent.

At the base of the speaker you’ll find durable stabilizer feet to keep it anchored to your floor, regardless of whether it’s carpeted or non-carpeted. You can enjoy genuine tower speaker sound without having to sacrifice a lot of space. The speaker shows a small footprint.

Considering the connections, the TSi300 provides two sets of gold-plated five-way binding posts for easy bi-wiring/bi-amping. That is a rare feature in this price range.


What really strikes me about the TSi300’s is the refinement and dynamics of the audio they provide, particularly compared to the price point they’re at.

Although they are not as dynamic as the Tsi400, or the Polk Tsi500 speakers, they sound very smooth, rich, and natural.

The TSi300’s unveil subtle details even at low levels, and really brings them to life at higher volumes. Its silk tweeter produces sparkling highs and the midrange have an overall neutral character.

They miss a bit in the mid-bass response.

The TSi300’s bass sounds more tight than deep. Therefore they are perfectly suitable for home theater use, in combination with a dedicated sub to cover the deep, heavy bass.

The TSi300 do not significantly benefit or suffer from placements closer to walls, and that is very good news for those who have smaller rooms.


These Polk Tsi300 speakers do the job extremely well for the price around $200.

Although, I would like a better mid-bass response.

For music in a stereo setup, you may want to look at the TSi400 or 500’s as they should provide more accurate low frequency response.

These speakers are cut out for home theater use.

They sound natural, neutral, and balanced. You would have to spend over double the amount to have even a slightly better sound!

Source by Ralf Neels