Buttocks Workout – The Top 5 Buttock Workouts to Fix Your Ugly, Ill-Shaped Butt in 2 Weeks

Every woman wishes to have a perfect body and would go to any extent to get the desired result. You exercise, you diet, but still you do not get the body and look which you actually want. Your buttocks are one such part where a lot of fat gets accumulated making it look ugly and it does not matter how well and for how long do you exercise but the results are just nil.

The fact is that you should know the exact buttocks workouts that will help you to fix your ugly looking, ill shaped butt. Here presents top 5 butt exercises to get round butt in just 2 weeks time! These exercises will shape up your lower body. You may do these exercises daily for two weeks and see the results.

Here! Take a look:-

* Lie facedown on ball and settle palms on floor and toes on floor. Hold up 1 count then bring feet together. Separate legs and then do this for 15 min.

* Put your hip-width apart and hands on the hips, slowly extend right leg to the side and be sure inner thigh parallel to the floor. Hold for 1 count, and then do it for 15 times.

* An excellent buttocks workout is squats. For this you must stand with feet shoulder width apart and band knees to 90 degrees. Return to start and so it 12 times.

* Do strength workouts. Yoga also has proved to be great for thighs and hips. Run on the treadmill for at least an hour everyday.

* You can also go on dieting and may also opt for supplements like glycerol, amino acid, protein and nitric oxide. These are major used by body builders.

By now you must have got to now these excellent exercises. You may try these as these are tried and tested. You are sure to get positive results in just 2 weeks.

Well apart from all these workouts, another thing you may try is Acai berry. The fruit has anti oxidant properties and is very helpful in cleaning up your system. Acai berry supplements are available everywhere in the market and are cheap too. These tasty berries increases your stamina and gives you endurance. It increases the overall metabolism of your body as well as keep your system clean and in place. When no extra fat is accumulated in the body then you not only loose extra flab around your buttocks but also loose extra fat all around your body.

Source by Lauren Watson